Couples Sharing Secrets


Publicly Degraded by a Partner

When two people are involved in an intense relationship, they often fail to take the time to really get to know how their partner will react in some circumstances. Rather than testing their partner with small confidences, they tell them things that should remain private. Sexual fantasies told to an untrustworthy partner can be used to degrade a person, and this is often the case when there is a power struggle in the relationship.

Power struggles are not new, but many people avoid looking at how often they occur in personal relationships. A person who aspires to heights greater than their abilities is often looking for a way to succeed at something, and they tend to find partners they can control. Gaining their partner's trust is just one tool they use to begin this process, and it often ends with their threats to expose their partner's deepest secrets as a means of keeping them in line.

A person who refuses to be controlled by this type of partner will sometimes find their secrets have become public knowledge, and this destroys the relationship. They will take time to recover, but the chance of finding a good relationship after that seems to be a distant possibility. They have no one to be a confidante, and they must find alternative means to socialize. This is a time when the services of an escort agency will help, but few people see them in this light. Escorts from an agency and an independent escort who book their own clients are paid companions, they are not interested in controlling clients, and dates with them are kept confidential.

There are few people who want their secrets exposed to the world, and any escort understands this fact. People who work in the escort business tend to be a long term solution for a person who needs time to recover from a disastrous relationship where they have been hurt and exposed for the pleasure of a bad partner.