Couples Sharing Secrets


Hesitant to Trust

When two people progress in their relationship, sharing their innermost thoughts is often a goal for each of them. They want to be able to trust someone completely, and it is not always easy to do in the modern world. Betrayal is something many have already dealt with in a partner, so there are times when one person in the relationship will try to push the other one to reveal their secrets to prove their trust.

Pushing someone to say or do something to prove their trust is an intrusive act, and it should be seen as a warning sign. People who crave secrets and information a person would rather not have made public are often searching for a level of trust they might not deserve. Their commitment to the relationship can be only surface deep, and they might be using the information as a way to bind their partner to them.

When a person is hesitant to trust their current partner, they should take the time to examine why they are hesitating. If the issue is due to a lack of trust in one area, they might be able to work on it to build trust. If their hesitation has to do with being asked to perform a task or action that is personally distasteful, it might signify the relationship is not one worthy of keeping.

Trust is one of the most important components for a long term relationship, and those who find they do not have it need to understand what is stopping them. If they do not trust their partner completely, they will never have a truly intimate relationship that will survive a major disaster. Those who understand what is keeping them from trusting do have an opportunity to talk about it with their partner, and they might be able to correct the issues as time passes.