Couples Sharing Secrets


Encouraging a Partner’s Secret Dreams

Nearly every person has their own secret dreams that they never tell anyone, and the reason for secrecy is because they often feel their own dreams are somehow ridiculous. When they share the information with their spouse, they will often shrug it off as a silly thing. Many of them will phrase it as a hope they had as a child, and others will laugh it off as something that struck them one day when they were a young adult. They are not as trusting of their partner as they should have been, and many of them find they have partners willing to help them without asking.

There are many young girls that dream of becoming ballerinas, but few of them have the resources or physical ability for this career. Sharing this secret with a partner might be an idle moment comment, but a serious partner might find a way to help it become a reality. While an older woman might never be ready for the stage, she could have her own practice room with a dancing area that will fulfil her childhood dream. Downloaded ballet lessons for her could be the support she needs to help her realize her interests matter.

Few men have longed to be skinny with few developed muscles, but many of them would never tell a spouse they had dreams of being able to take care of the neighbourhood bully. This is an almost unacceptable dream for grown men, but it can still be a fantasy they would like to experience even if they never beat up anyone. Buying a set of weights, setting up a private exercise area or buying them a gym membership is a great sign of support. Go the extra mile with a good online personal trainer to provide great advice and customised programmes.

There are many ways to indulge a partner without ever talking about it, and recognizing the importance of their dreams show a high level of commitment. Giving them a chance to experience a lifelong desire is a perfect way to show thoughtful care and tenderness.